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‘Black Sky’: A Body in Constant Transition

  When women experience bodily changes – from their first menstruation to menopause, hormonal changes resulting in emotional instances take place. For some, it is a nerve-racking experience, some would manage it with confidence, while others may still try to adjust to these changes. Jen J. Balberona's Black Sky is a reminder that the female body is in constant transition. The surge of emotions is normal and needs to be embraced. However, these changes are not easy to accept. Balberona expresses it through this film. Black Sky is shot in the quiet home of the filmmaker and allows herself to be the subject of it. Balberona walks around in her home, searching for things as she was also rifling for herself. She sits on a chair, and lies on her bed, in a pensive state, which allows Balberona to probe the chambers of her emotions. She seems anxious and tries to gather her thoughts. She undresses and shows her bare body – from her head, breast down to her feet. Balberona’s exposure of h

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